F R E Q U E N T L Y  

Is this a screensaver?
No. This is a rocket-fire digital kaleidoscope that you direct with your voice, your keyboard or your stereo. You can control every aspect of this program, from the soundtrack to the sound effects, from the kaleidoscopic patterns to the color. You can even control subtle differences like line weight and symmetry levels. No, this isn't a screensaver; it's a visual jam...a lush, rich audio landscape.

This is very different from Big Top's other products. Why was it created?
The Groove Thing was originally designed in response to teachers' requests for a non-competitive, non-verbal program kids could play on networked computers. But during test marketing, we were overwhelmed by the positive response from the adult segment. We found that The Groove Thing was a product for everyone. We were intrigued with the idea of a non-verbal program because we think communication is evolutionary. Sharing is not just words, but our visions as well. Play The Groove Thing with a friend. You'll see.

Who would use this?
Anyone and everyone. The Groove Thing is a chance to allow some parts of your brain to cool down and briefly rest, and other parts to fire up and come alive. People sitting in front of their computers for prolonged periods of time need this shift in input. Anyone new to computers will benefit from this gentle introduction to the digital life. Anyone can find their perfect groove.

What is the point of this product?
It's pure fun. It's about pleasure and the simple joy of creating beautiful images. We developed The Groove Thing to be used alone, with a good friend or in a much larger group of people.

How is The Groove Thing different than Head Candy?
Head Candy is a wonderful, visual experience. The Groove Thing, however, is an interactive adventure in which you're in control of all the visual and audio parameters. With The Groove Thing, you can plug your stereo into the computer and choreograph the lustrous images with your favorite musical artist. You can even use your voice to drive the visuals by activating the LISTEN function and speaking into the computer's microphone. The Groove Thing and Head Candy really are quite different.

What audiences are you reaching with The Groove Thing?
We've been surprised at the wide appeal of The Groove Thing. Although we realized it appealed to the 18 to 24 year-old computer user, and the musically and artistically inclined, the greatest pleasure is to watch first-time computer users, children and non-english speakers get into the groove. Music has always been a universal language. Mix that with the intrinsic, communicative value of art, and it's a beautiful thing indeed.

The Groove Thing.
There are no enemies to kill.
No points to score.
No aliens to destroy.
There is nothing to conquer.

Let's call it evolution.

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