L E T'S   M A K E   A   T O O N

Choose from 50 backgrounds, ranging from the simple to the hallucinating. Three cartoon backdrop categories to select from: realistic, abstract, or color.

Over 200 props to spif up your cartoon. Choose from these 8 categories: houses, trees, plants, cars, structures, street signs, outer space objects and miscellaneous.

Direct these established actors with over 300 dynamic character animations. Your cartoons can't go wrong with Felix, Vavoom, Poindexter, The Professor, Rock Bottom and Master Cylinder.

ZIP, POW, BANG! Add some action and pizzazz to your cartoon with over 30 special effects. Select from 3 categories: foreground, full screen and endings.

Make your cartoons come to life with over 270 sounds from these categories: soundtrack loops, ambient loops, character voices, movement noises, action noises, magical and nature sounds.

D O W N L O A D the finished cartoon. You must have QuickTime to view it. (960k)

Downloadable Interactive Demos
D O W N L O A D a limited demo version of Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox Starring Felix the Cat (1.8 MB).

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